Exchange Currencies Abroad

Change or withdraw money?

The common European monetary union means that holidaymakers in most European countries no longer need to exchange money. But you cannot pay in all European countries with the currency from Germany.

Anyone planning a holiday to Poland, Great Britain or Switzerland must continue to deal with the issue of ‘changing money’. But it’s always the same questions that torment tourists on holiday: Where can you change money? What does it cost to change money?

The possibilities of exchanging foreign currencies on holiday are unlimited. However, holidaymakers often pay in dubious exchange offices.

So holiday plans can be quickly thrown overboard with additional exchange fees, fraudsters and bad exchange rates. However, it is also possible to save up to 20 percent for money exchange. Who keeps to a few simple rules, creates it the vacation cash massively to preserve and more money for beautiful Souvenirs or exciting daily trips ready to hold.

For this reason, valuuttamuunnin have designed the following guide to help you exchange money abroad and to provide you with important facts for a trouble-free currency exchange.

Change money at home.

In order to get a fair exchange rate, it is advisable to want to change money at home. For a good exchange rate, it is also important to make sure you have the right timing. Since almost a third of all tourists from Germany have taken out a private loan for the long awaited holiday, it is advisable to exchange the money of the loan directly after the travel booking still in Germany.

Changing money online at any house bank is very simple and convenient. In addition, with Internet banks it is possible to get a fair and good exchange rate. In addition one can visit with a little lead time also the local house bank and exchange there the vacation money at the current exchange rate.

In most cases, this will save you money compared to a currency exchange abroad. Who has still more than half a year before the travel beginning time, can concern itself likewise a little with the exchange rates. With a little patience, this will result in the most attractive exchange rate and a small increase in the holiday budget.

If you decide to change your money abroad, you’ll pay for it in most cases. The cheapest alternatives for a currency exchange are still at the airport, where there is only a small exchange fee to pay. So you can pay a taxi with the official local currency right at your holiday destination. In most cases, there are several exchange offices in the same place, so it may be worthwhile to compare the exchange rates. But one should always recount directly at the counter when exchanging abroad. Often, there are a lot of bills back abroad for a few hundred euros, so that gullible tourists can be quickly knocked over the ear.

Change money or credit card?

Only cash is truth – that’s the popular saying. However, this no longer applies to payment abroad. Almost everywhere abroad a credit card is now accepted, so that it is no longer urgently necessary to strive for a currency change. To this end, a credit card such as Mastercard or Visa can also be used to withdraw money abroad. Here, too, the current exchange rate helps to save travel money.

Bring cash or cards with you to Sweden and where you can change money in Stockholm.

When preparing a trip to Sweden, such as a trip to Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Lapland or other smaller destinations, it is advantageous to know certain things about the exchange rate and how to get more Swedish crowns for our Euros, which makes our trip more productive. This article is about whether you should change money and where you can do it.

Cash payment in Sweden.

Cash is used in Sweden, but less than in other countries such as Spain. Gradually, some places are no longer accepting cash, such as Stockholm and Gothenburg public transport. In Sweden, buses have not allowed cash payments for years, as has the purchase of tickets for the metro. In shops you can refuse to pay cash and even church and street vendors can be paid by card or by phone (the Swish App has already caused enthusiasm among Swedes).