Air conditioning installation

Air conditioning installation

May 5, 2019 0 By Errol Parker

The growing interest in air conditioning systems results on the one hand from changing demands for a comfortable climate – for example for house, office, production halls or bedroom and living room. On the other hand, the economic situation for air conditioning systems results from the rapidly growing number of rooms with IT technology (server rooms) for which continuous cooling is indispensable. However, the high demand for air-conditioning systems is also due to a new generation of devices that is significantly quieter, more economical and more compact than older models.

Installation, conversion and retrofitting of your air conditioning system

As a rule, HVAC Escondido services installs split systems with outdoor and indoor units – either as a monosplit variant in a 1:1 ratio or as a multisplit variant in which several indoor units are connected to one outdoor unit. Our experience with Daikin air-conditioning systems has been particularly positive: the units score with their functionality and modern design, supplemented by good air-conditioning service and the long-term availability of spare parts.

A major advantage when installing modern air conditioning systems is the more differentiated control technology: some types of units have integrated motion detectors. If no activity is registered for a defined period of time, the device switches itself off. In addition, air conditioners can be used not only for cooling but also for heating purposes. Especially in the transition period or for rarely used rooms, such air-conditioning systems prove to be very effective due to their fan performance.

Climate split unit: functionality, assembly, advantages & disadvantages

An air conditioner is used for cooling, but can also be designed to generate heat when needed. A distinction is made between different forms, such as split air conditioning. Many heat pumps function according to the same principle and can be used for cooling as well as for space heating. We will introduce you to the advantages and characteristics and give you cost information for the installation work and the product selection of an air-conditioning split unit.
Construction and installation of air conditioner Split air conditioner

A split air conditioning unit consists of 2 parts: Firstly, there is an indoor unit which sucks in, filters and cools the air in the room. The second unit is an outdoor unit that contains the cooling compressor. The connection between the components is made with the aid of a hose pipe. The components are permanently mounted. There are also mobile devices, but they are rather the exception.

The advantages of split air conditioners

The alternative to the climate split units is the mono unit. The latter provides a lower output, so that the greatest advantage of the modern versions is the high output. The comfort can also be increased by the climate split units: As the compressor is located outside, the noise level is much lower. The units are quiet in operation. They are operated by means of a remote control, which provides a is another advantage in the area of comfort.


Theoretically, you can also install a split unit yourself, but safety (refrigerants must be used) and reliability are increased by professional installation. In addition, you have a direct contact for regular maintenance and benefit from the extended service life as well as the reduction of the risk of failure. Possible coolants are R410A or R407C. The split systems are pre-filled at the factory to a certain line length. If this is necessary, coolant can be refilled for the corresponding line length.

The different versions

Multi-split units are required for the air conditioning of several rooms. Depending on their performance, these are marked with the following additives: Duo, Trio, Quadro and 5-way split air conditioner. Indoor and outdoor units can be combined with each other. Several indoor units are connected to one outdoor unit, the exact number of which depends on the respective model.

Air conditioning is by no means a luxury good for hotels, offices or industrial facilities. An air-conditioning system also ensures a pleasant room climate in your private rooms by regulating room humidity, temperature and air circulation. In systems with heat pump function, rooms can be heated energy-savingly and effectively. A comparison with the previous heating method is always worthwhile.

The total price of the system always depends on the desired model, the pipe length and the spatial conditions. We are happy to offer you individual solutions at moderate prices. Please ask us for current offers.

Certainly, with a little skill you can connect certain models yourself. As a specialist company, we strongly advise against this, not only for cost reasons. For devices, which are advertised with a simple self-assembly, a warranty is often excluded, if the assembly should not be carried out by a specialized company. Spare parts are usually difficult to get and the alleged bargain quickly turns into a cost-intensive system at the price of a good branded product.