Tooth Broken: First Aid And Correct Treatment

Tooth Broken: First Aid And Correct Treatment

December 7, 2018 Off By Errol Parker

No matter whether the whole tooth or only a piece of the tooth is broken – in a dental accident fast and correct action is required. Find out here which treatment will save your tooth.

Tooth broken off – What now?

It happens faster than you think. You fall, bite into something hard or collide unexpectedly with someone and a piece of the tooth is broken off. It is best to remain calm and act calmly, because the broken piece can often be reattached, regardless of whether the molar or incisor is broken. If it is no longer possible, there are numerous methods to repair the damage, for example with a filling.

Note: After the tooth is broken, you should give first aid as soon as possible and go to your dentist or dental emergency service immediately. Of course, this is especially the case when pain occurs in the tooth.

Broken tooth – First aid, storage and To Do’s

Storage in the tooth rescue box

If the tooth is completely broken off, including the root, it should be stored and transported in a tooth rescue box. If this is not available, it is possible to buy the box immediately in a pharmacy or dental practice.

Isotonic saline solutions and UHT milk

If a tooth has broken out and you can’t get a tooth rescue box, isotonic saline solutions and UHT milk will help. They may not be a replacement, but they are better than transporting the tooth or teeth without help. If no tooth rescue box, milk or saline solution is available, the tooth can be stored in saliva. It should not dry out.

Immediately to the emergency dentist

If a tooth is broken, you should find your way to the dentist. An emergency dental service should be consulted if the accident does not occur during normal business hours. Give the dentist all the information he needs to prepare a filling and fix the broken piece in place. Also tell the dentist if you have any pain in the tooth and where the teeth have been damaged.

Important: Do not worry and keep calm. Even if a piece of tooth is broken, this does not mean that this or even the broken tooth cannot be saved.

No-Gos in dealing with broken teeth

Let the tooth dry out

The broken teeth or fragment should be found within half an hour and then stored as described. Do not immerse it in water or store it in a dry place.

Touching the root surface

If the teeth are knocked out, you may only touch the crown of the tooth, the root surface is taboo, otherwise functional cells could suffer damage.

Cleaning the crown

Never clean the crown, even if it is dirty.

Inserting the tooth yourself

Do not try to insert the broken or completely broken tooth yourself, as this can destroy the fine root fibres. This makes reimplantation impossible.

A piece of a tooth broken off – treatment when a piece of a tooth breaks off.

If only a small part of one or more teeth is broken off without damaging the tooth nerve, the chance of repairing these teeth is very high.

Often fragments can be glued on again after a longer period of time without this being visible afterwards. If a larger fragment has broken off and the tooth nerve has already been affected – this can often be recognized by the fact that it is bleeding out of the tooth – quick action is required.

This is because prolonged exposure to bacteria in the oral cavity can lead to irreversible inflammation of the nerve, making root canal treatment necessary. In these cases you should bring the broken crown or the completely broken teeth with you.

Attach fragment – molar broken off, incisor broken off?

Broken tooth fragments can now be reattached very well. The dentist uses a special adhesive technique for this purpose. To glue the broken teeth, the dentist uses a plastic adhesive at the fracture site, which hardens through polymerization (blue light lamp). After the treatment you have to spare the teeth for some time and give the dentist feedback whether your teeth fit together as usual. If you feel pain in your teeth, tell your dentist.

What happens if the tooth can no longer be glued?

If your tooth is broken and can no longer be glued, a tooth filling is used. If a small piece of the tooth is broken off, it is rebuilt with plastic material.

If the damage is greater, a partial crown is usually made for the teeth; if necessary, a complete crown is also made. Teeth in the visible area are crowned with ceramics.

The adhesion of fragments or teeth becomes more difficult if the fracture leads to the opening of the nerve cavity of the tooth. Then the dentist usually has to remove the tooth nerve and treat the root. He uses artificial material to fill the root. The teeth can then be rebuilt.

If the damage is so great that the tooth cannot be preserved, the tooth is completely replaced by a bridge or an implant.